Who are we?


Hello! I’m Noelia, I’m twenty-something and I’m an architect.

I love to have long walks in each city I discover, always looking up and focusing in little hidden details. Design and decoration shops are my weakness. If someday I tell you «Let’s go shopping!» you won’t have to wait for me at any fitting room but we will probably come back with lots of cushions and candles! I also love stationery shops: shelves plenty of papers, pencils and colourful pens… I will be happy working in one of them! (or living!)

My main interests are focused on architecture, art and everything related to design. I also feel really attracted by photography and I’m already learning a lot thanks to Vgh.



And this is Juan Carlos, also from Valencia, also in his twenties and, in his case, industrial engineer.

He is a handy man and a restless mind who has become the technical service and lifesaver of Vgh. He can’t have something with more than two pieces in his hands without disassembling it and seeing how it works. He is such a curious person and knows a little bit of everything. He always has an answer for almost everything and he likes to find solutions to everyday problems (we have an huge list of inventions to patent!)

One of his dreams is to have a workshop at home where he could make all his experiments and he also is determined to design the domotics of our future home.

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