Cool aunts make cool presents03 oct 2014

Being a mother can be the most beautiful experience in life, I’m sure, but.. how many diapers do you have to change? And those sleepless nights, my baby doesn’t want to eat, if he/she gets ill… And grandmother? Grandmas are supposed to be the ones indulgent to children but this doesn’t mean just some candy. Grandmas are also supposed to buy the most expensive things: crib, baby stroller, baby car seat… ufff!

This is why being an aunt is so cool. Aunts teach important things in life: what’s the taste of lemons, saying tongue-twisters when they can’t even speak, imitate dad snoring… you know, those things. And we also make the coolest presents. We give them paintings in every colour and all kind of musical instruments… anyway, walls and neighbours are not ours!

If you are or are going to be a cool aunt just check the list: a selection of the gifts every niece/nephew should have… I hope you like them!



#1Lámpara baby bunny de Belandsoft (10,90€) // #2. Búho de tela de Pequeña Lo (22€) // #3. Babero Mi tía mola de Mr.Wondeful (12€) // #4. Casa de cartón de This is Karton (49,90€) // #5. Puerta del Ratoncito Pérez de OuiOui (30€) // #6. Peluche Hippo de Minis by Vane (30€) // #7: Família Gota de Zucoulisses (58€) // #8: El animalario de Project Party Studio (17,90€) // #9: Tipi Nodin de To the wild (149€)

And, of course, don’t forget to check each of those shops since the have a lot more kids stuff, and even cooler! They all sell online so don’t hesitate to have a look!


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