Beautiful shops: Made with Lof26 abr 2015


In Volgende halte we love shopping so, from now on, some Sundays we will be discovering and virtually visiting the most beatiful shops in the world. And when I thought about a shop that deserved to be the opening one for this section, I had no doubt. It had to be Made with Lof. 


Isabel and Noelia are the two sisters behind this business. A beautiful shop in the city centre of Seville full of stationery, craft, diy and party products.

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Which is their “star” product? Tissue paper pompoms. Something so simple has become the most representative product of the brand thanks to the great job of these two sisters, who show on their blog so many original and easy ways of using them (as well as other of their products)

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They also have products from beautiful brands such as Rifle Paper Co, Charuca or Don Fisher.

The stuff they sell is just so cool but.. what do you think about the shop itself? I could perfectly live in it! Isa, the older sister was the architect responsible of the interior, furniture and lighting design.

The place looks amazing with those high ceilings, those arcs and that iron old columns. And Isa has transformed it into a really pleasant space, large, relaxed and with a great lighting that allows to show and highlight the products.

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And if you still need more… they also organize workshops and meetings! It is really the perfect place for those kind of events. I would love to assist to one workshop there and learn interesting things from interesting people.

I’m sure if you’re thinking of visiting Seville on your next holidays… you already have a cross mark on your map!

Enjoy your Sunday!

[All the pictures belong to Made with Lof]


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