My home is also Swedish07 sep 2014

Since we became independent we have been living in small flats, around 30-40m2, for short periods and with a tight budget for furniture and decoration. I mean, I know by heart the Ikea catalogue, even in Swedish!

Ikea is always our salvation in this kind of situatios, their basic line offers simple solutions of atemporal design for the tightest budgets. However, we shouldn’t forget that Ikea offers many other possibilities beyond the Lack table for 5€. So, if your budget is tight but you still want to have a really beautiful house and feel identified with it you should have a look at La Casa Sueca (“The Swedish House), an interior desing and low cost deco studio.

It is based in Murcia (Spain) and they remodel both houses and businesses and furnish them with Ikea furniture looking for creative and personalized solutions.



Had you ever thought about painting your ceiling yellow? I guess no! This is an example about the kind of ideas or solutions that an interior design professional can offer you, ideas that you may have not think about, that could seem crazy but that, within a consistent combination, could become the key point of your home.

Do not hesitate and check their web  La Casa Sueca or their facebook page, enjoy the befores and afters, get some ideas and, if you’re thinking about a remodelling at home, check their rates, they have so many options even for people abroad: you can ask for online advice! For less than you may think, you could have such a fantastic house as the one above!

My home is also Swedish, and yours?

[All the pictures are from: La Casa Sueca]


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