Design love: Thonet Chair nº1406 sep 2015


I’m sure you might have seen this chair in many beautiful restaurants and terraces this summer. Maybe it didn’t cath your eye, it’s quite classic, it doesn’t seem so cool so… why are we talking about it at Design love?

Thonet Chair design has more than 150 years, it was the first model to be manufactured in an industrialised way and it’s the worldwide best-selling model of all times. That is why we are talking about Thonet Chair today.

Michael Thonet design this chair in 1859 after years of studying an perfecting the blendwood technique, a completely innovative method to treat wood. Furthermore, it is composed by only 6 pieces of wood, 6 screws and 2 nuts and it was commercialised disassembled so 36 chairs could be packaged in only 1m3… doesn’t it recall you about a big Swedish name?


Now that we now why this chair is really worth a little tribute, let’s see how we can use it in our actual an modern spaces even when it is more than 150 years old… great design never gets old!

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