DIY: Rhino book stopper08 mar 2015

DIY: Rhino book stopper

We don’t have all the books we’d like at home. We are more into Ebooks and magazines now, because they’re lighter to carry then you move homes and, even though, we have a shelve full of them. But if we have allowed ourselves a craving, that is Juan CarlosThe Walking Dead comic collection. 

And such a nice collection deserved a privileged situation on the book shelve, so I made these funny and fancy book stoppers. Wanna know how?

We will need:

DIY: Rhino book stopperSupplies:
- Plastic animal toy (you can find it at any dollar store)
– Cement (I used the leftovers from the candle holders)
– Spray primer (for all pusposes)
– Gold spray paint
– White paint
– Wood strip

– Brush
– Cutter
– Marker
– Jig saw or manual saw
– Sanding machine
– Hot silicone gun


When you choose what kind of animal you’re going to use you have to keep in mind its size (to be according to the books size), that it should be on its four feet and that it doesn’t have any narrow or difficult to fill parts. In my case, amongst diplodocus, tiranosaurus rex, pigs and cows… I chose the rhinoceros.

Firstly we will measure the middle of the animal and draw freehand the line where we will cut it. We cut it with the cutter (is so soft to cut) and empty the stuffing.


So the stoppers work properly the should be heavy so we are going to refill them with cement. We make the cement by mixing 1 part of powder with 1.5 parts of water (it doesn’t need to be so liquid but also not so dry because it needs to fill also the legs and other narrow parts).

We pour the cement in both parts of the toy and let it dry in a way that the cement surface is as horizontal as possible. I used this Ikea drainer for that but the perfect solution should be a rice package or something similar, so you can properly accommodate the animal.


Once it is dry we should clean every rest of cement of the outside with the help of the cutter and a wet wiper.


Next, we take the measure of the toy in the wood strip. For the base we add the thickness of the wood and for the vertical part we just take the measure we prefer trying it with the books and the toy on place.

As you can see, the wood I used was recycled and was not really perfect. If you buy a new wood strip it will be cleaner and smoother…but we don’t have to waste material!


We give a couple coats of spray primer allowing it to dry in between. The primer will help to unify the animal colour and also a better adhesion of the gold paint afterwords.

Like always, with the windows opened, in thin coats about 20-30cm distance and with latex gloves if you don’t want to get dirty. You will have to check that every single part is painted since it is a difficult shape to spray paint.


While the primer is drying, cut the wood strips with the jig saw and give them a soft sanding to eliminate splinters and smooth the corners. We don’t need to sand it so much since it’s not a piece of furniture we’re going to pass our hand by so often.


Once we have all the pieces cut and sanded, we put them together with the hot silicon gun and paint them with white paint.


Once the primer is completely dry we go for the gold spray paint. In the same way, in a well ventilated space and with care of painting every hidden corner of the toy. A couple of layer allowing it to dry in between to get a brilliant and uniform gold.


Finally, when the gold paint is dry, we attach both parts of the animal to the painted wood with the hot silicone gun again. Now we have such original and beautiful book stoppers to decorate our book shelve.

DIY: Rhino book stopper DIY: Rhino book stopper DIY: Rhino book stopper DIY: Rhino book stopper DIY: Rhino book stopper DIY: Rhino book stopper

I think I am getting addicted to gold spray paint! It is such an easy and nice way to add different elements to your decoration and making them match. Now our comics have the place they deserve and, step by step, we are creating a nice book shelve full of beautiful and personal details.

What do you think about this DIY? Would you like to add a funny and elegant golden toy to your book shelve?

As always, you can add any suggestion or ask any doubt in the comments below.


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