How to create a reading nook at home25 feb 2015

Having a reading nook at home is a little luxury not every one can afford, the lack of space makes us manage without thoses little extras beyond basic rooms at home.

However, maybe you have some wasted space at home which you can easily transform into a comfy and cozy place where to read the newspaper in the morning, enjoying a great novel or just have a look to your favourite magazine.

We don’t like wasted spaces here in Volgende Halte, so we will show you how you can create a reading nook at home in several ways.

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The first option is, maybe, the most obvious one when you think of a reading nook. A comfortable seating and a lamp that gives correct illumination for reading. You can also add a shelve for your books, a side table for your coffee and a footstool for your comfort… and you will get the perfect reading nook.

It is the most simple way of organising it because you can do it anywhere at home: living room, office or even bedroom. It will be the perfect spot for making the room feel cozy.



Another option could be to make us comfortable in one of those giant poufs that literally capture you when you sit. A rug on the feet, a soft blanket to get warm on winter days… and that space will become our favourite place at home.

And, as last example, my favourite way of creating a reading nook…

060614_1reading_corner_picture_33mi-rincc3b3n-favoritoSFD6C1EF7AA714A41EEB30944820A9D1252…on the window sill.

Obviously enjoying this kind of corner will depend on the construction of your house itself. So, if you are one of the lucky ones that have wide window sills at home… do not waste them. You just need to add a couple pillows to enjoy the sun in the mornings while reading a magazine or look at people going up and down.

They are the most relaxing and cozy reading nooks. Our apartment’s window sills are not wide enough but, anyway, I use to sit in them to read in the sun, watch rain or look at the neighbourhood cats as the jump from one garden to another. My future (ideal) home will have for sure a reading nook on a window sill.

If you think you need more inspiration for creating you own reading nook you can always check our Pinterest Board.

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