If we were moving to Barcelona…22 abr 2015


The interior designer Neus Casanova, from her design studio Degoma, has transformed a dark and old fashioned apartment into this bright and beautiful loft in Barcelona.

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The apartmet is 65sqm, we could even considered it as one our small apartments since it had, originally, 3 bedrooms. This excess of compartmentalization resulted into a series of small and poorly illuminated spaces.

The needs of Neus and her significant other Adrià were very different from the ones of Antoniu, Adrià’s grandfather and previous owner of the house. That is the reason why they decided to reconvert and adapt it to their lifestyle but, at the same time, respecting its history and all the memories between its walls.

Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-2-Copiar Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-3-CopiarVivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-4-Copiar

Just removing a couple walls, the old and dark rooms became a big and brilliant living room full of natural light. The dinning rooms shares this same space but it is delimited by and old flooring mosaic that has been conserved and gives character to the space.

Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-5-Copiar 463 degoma-4-600x400 degoma-5-600x399

In this case the kitchen is independent but still connected with the dinning through a big wooden window. This solution is perfect because it combines the advantages of an open kitchen with the comfortable possibility of completely closing it if needed.

Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-13-Copiar degoma-6-600x400 degoma-7-600x399 Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-10-Copiar Vivienda-de-Neus-Casanova-12-Copiar

The kitchen is solved with a unique kitchen bench with built-in upper closets which give a great feel of lightness since they are practically hidden in the white wall.

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The bathroom is a little bigger that the old one, it covers the basic need but it is still minimum. Even though, thanks to the simplicity and fineness of its finishings in wood and micro cement, it becomes a pleasant and calm space.

At this point you may be asking yourself where the entrance is, and the bedroom?


The old hall has been removed and, instead, now you get into the house directly to an big open space that it’s used as a work place. The bedroom is also connected to the entrance, hidden behind a wooden volume with a sliding panel.


This layout where you enter the house through the night area, might not be the more common or even advisable one. The correct or normal situation for a new plan house would be to enter to a public space (living) and then going deep into the house to the more private part (bedroom). However, in reconversion projects there are so many determinants and the important thing is to adapt and find the best solutions for them.

Those wooden floors, that ceiling, that brick wall and those big windows… if we ever had to move to Barcelona (nothing can surprise me right now), I wish Neus had her loft for rent. It would be our perfect future home, wouldn’t it?

If you want to get to know a little bit better the work of Neus Casanova and her design studio Degoma, you can always check its website.

[Source: Kireii / Diariodesign]


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