An inspiring small apartment14 ene 2015

I don’t have much information about today’s small apartment, I don’t know where it is or how many sqm it has. However, its photographs inspired me so much that I felt I needed to share it with you. It is a small apartment full of elegance and style that inspire calm to me.

Un piso que inspira tranquilidad

The living room is the main space of the house and the sofa is the main piece of furniture in it. In a soft grey colour and with a neutral cushion combination we can almost feel its comfiness just seeing the pictures.

**Idea! Too many magazines at home? Just stack them one over the other and you won’t need any shelves!

Un piso que inspira tranquilidad Un piso que inspira tranquilidad

There is also a study zone included in the main space. There’s no need of big investments on this, just a shelve in a corner and a beautiful chair. If, like me, you can’t live without your desk you better find a place for it, even if it is as small as this one.

**Idea! If you have a really old cupboard, big and robust, that it is perfect because it gives you a lot of storage but you don’t want it to me so prominent in the space… just paint it wait!

**Idea! Many old buildings include a fire place that doesn’t work any more but still adds some charm to the space. You can always add some candles as decoration.

Un piso que inspira tranquilidad Un piso que inspira tranquilidad

The dining room is included in the kitchen’s access, so it is in the same space as the living but a little bit independent. Neutral and soft colours are combined with wood in an harmonious composition.

**Idea! As you can see the dining doesn’t get much natural light, so the used some mirrors  so help reflect it. Besides, the gallery composition and their old gold finish is just perfect.

Un piso que inspira tranquilidad

The kitchen has just the necessary space, no more. If you feel you have enough storage space with the base cabinets you better get rid off the upper ones and use some open shelving instead, it will make the space feel much bigger.

What I will change for sure is those tiny white tiles, at least paint the lines also in white. That composition feels a little bit stifling for me in such a small space.

Un piso que inspira tranquilidadUn piso que inspira tranquilidadUn piso que inspira tranquilidad

And last, the bedroom. As you can see, it is so small that the bed is literally fit in between the walls. I think this is the better option in this case. Better to have a big and comfortable bed even if you have to jump to get into it. Besides, the window sill is a perfect night stand.

What do you think about today’s small apartment? I just fell in love with it, its elegance and simplicity. I love its calm colours, the use of textiles, its wooden floor and its high ceilings…

Shall we move in?

[Source: Anetteshus]


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