Let’s workshop with Inés Alemany08 jun 2015


A couple weeks ago, my friend Ana and I went to one of the workshops that Inés Alemany gives in her workshop in Bétera, Valencia.

The workshop was about decorative techniques on wood. You can bring your own wooden furniture to restore but, as we dind’t have any little piece of furniture available, we bought some beautiful boxes from her own shop.

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We used chalk paint. I had not used it before and I was amazed by how easy is to paint with it and how fast it gets dry. Besides, it gives a nice matt finish that I really loved.

After this first coat of painting, we work on different techniques such as crackel effect, dry and wet sand….

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Afterwards, we chose some beautiful rice paper to give the final touch to our wooden boxes thanks to decoupage. There were so many different models but we both loved floral ones, so we had to spend some time carefully cutting them out and choosing the final place for each flower.

After a great coat of white glue to stick the flowers and give the box the final protective coat… voilà! We had two beautifully decorated wooden boxes!

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I must admit that my box was so cute but not really my style… so I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it but… my mum really loves it! So now my box has a new owner.

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As you can see in Inés Alemany shop you can find material for any art job you’re thinking about. Besides, they offer so many workshops and lessons where you can learn so many different techniques thanks to the wide experience of Inés on these matters. You can check all the necessary information on «Inés Alemany Centro de Arte website» and you can contact her for any question or suggestion.

We spend a perfect Saturday morning painting and learning so I really recommend it to you!


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