Livingo, furnish your house in one click29 mar 2015

As you may already know, in Volgende halte we are in a moving process. A few days ago we talked about how difficult it is to find a nice apartment in Amsterdam and all the problems you may solve to get it: Dutch websites, impossible prices, insane fees, scams… But well, we all will overcome these problems and find the perfect apartment (or at least a place to live).

But this is not the end of our problems, no. Rental contracts usually start the first of a month and end the final of another, so from one day to another… you have to change houses! If the furniture is your own, at least you can take it with you and have a bed and a table the first day at your new home (even if the whole house is a mess).

But… what is you move from a gemeubileerd to a kaal house? I mean, from a house you rented completely furnished to a house which is completely empty (remenber, not even flooring!). So poor you. Furnishing a home is not an easy job and if you’re in a hurry you may end spending too much money or not decorating it as you would like to.

Livingo, furnish your house in one click

So, what if I tell you that you can choose all your furniture during an afternoon and from your comfy couch? Don’t you believe me? So click on and you will see. Livingo is more than an online shop, it is a virtual showroom where many furniture and decoration shops are shown. Thanks to this, they have one of the most wide and varied offers on the net.

We can find from big furniture to dish ware or wall decorations. Everything perfectly organized by room, style and even material so our search and purchase is as easy as possible.

Livingo, furnish your house in one click

Besides, I don’t know abour your car but ours is as small as our apartment, so transporting a sofa, a table or a book shelve in it is just impossible. With we won’t have that kind of problem because you order your furniture online from your old house and you receive it at your new home’s door… they even can install your furniture for you!

Other issue when furnishing our home is always money, staying into a budget can be time consuming. If we try it “traditional way” we will need to go to many shops, carrying brochures and writing down prices to compare. This whole process is way much easier thanks to Livingo, because inside their huge catalogue you can find furniture and decoration for every budget. Furthermore, you can filter products by price so you don’t even see anything outside your budget… so you don’t fall in love with something you can’t afford!

Livingo, furnish your house in one click

Here you have an example of living room furnished thanks to Livingo, so you can see the kind of furniture you can find on their website. In just a few minutes and without any effort I have chose that sofa, floor lamp, world map, table… and I’m sure they would look great in our future home!

Livingo, furnish your house in one click

You won’t believe how easy it has been to select this furniture on their website. First enter the Living room category, then to each furniture type, and last select your budget range… that’s it!

The most difficult part will be to agree with your significant other which sofa you like the most… but there is no website that can solve that!

If you are about to move, thinking about redecorating any room of your house or just wanting to make a little change at home, you should check and discover how many options they offer.

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