How to organise a small dressing room26 nov 2014

A couple weeks ago I was looking for ideas to design a small dressing room in a house that some friends are renovating. In the pictures above I show you the dressing rooms I liked most and the ideas we can get from them, as well as my own selection of furniture and complements to create our own.

How to organise a small dressing room

[Dressing room of Nina, blogger on Stilizimo]

This dressing room is from Nina, blogger at StilizimoI think it’s my favourite ’cause she gets such a good result with a small budget and it is full of great ideas! Let’s see:

– If we have a small space for our dressing room we better keep it white, both walls ans furniture, so we get a brighter space.
Chests of drawers allow a lot of storage and in Ikea we can find really cheap ones.
– High heels are hung from kitchen towel racks… such a great idea! She also uses them for belts, scarves or collars.
– Simple shelves are perfect for flat shoes, bags and boxes.

How to organise a small dressing room


In this second example you can see that it is no necessary to cover the back of the closet with wood panels as well, you can use a beautiful wallpaper instead. It is beautiful, it is cheaper and if you get bored of it you can always change it!

How to organise a small dressing room[Vía]

And this third image looks more from a shop than from a dressing room (clothes are repeated) but we can still get some ideas from it:
Organising clothes per type and colour will make much easier to find what we are looking for.
– If we can find a hanging bar that fits our measurements we can always use aluminium or copper pipes!
– Not everything needs to be clothes. Reserving some space for decoration (flower vases, pictures, candles…) will make our space feel more cosy.

How to organise a small dressing room

And in the last image you can check my selection of basic elements to get our small dressing room ready!

1. Chest of drawers (Malm, Ikea, 49,99€): it will allow us to organise t-shirts, pyjamas, bed linen, towels… essential!
2. Mirror (Stave, Ikea, 19,99€): a big mirror so we can check our complete outfit.
3. Chair (Louis, Maisons du Monde,149,90€): so we can seat and put on our shoes.
4. Clothes valet (Vipong, Casa, 34,95€): a place to leave your outfit prepared the night before..
5. Shelves and supports, (Ekby, Ikea): really useful for flat shoes, bags or boxes.
6. Kitchen towel racks (Bygel, Ikea, 2,50€): as Nina, we can use them for high heels or complements.
7. Hangers (Bumerang, Ikea, 3,89€): we should always use the same ones, and better wooden.
8. Gold spray (Leroy Merlin, 8,45€): we will paint the kitchen hangers, the shelve supports and the hangers in gold! We will instantly get an original and elegant touch.

What do you think about this ideas? Would you like to have a dressing room at home even if it is small?


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