Ecolobox, the ecological box10 oct 2015

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Today we’re not talking about beautiful housing or modern design but we will discover a really nice project from one of our best friends.

Ecolobox is a young company that brings each month a selection of the best ecological and natural products to your home.

When our friend Sandra told me about her idea I was completely into it. You know, we all like ecological products, but we rarely have the time to do a research to find them. So the Ecolobox team does it for us and sends the best ones just to the door of our homes!

(Luquitas was so amazed by the ecological products!)

Nowadays, the only ship to Spain, but if you are interested you can always contact them, they will be so happy to hear from you and who knows, maybe they start shipping worldwide!


The most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen04 oct 2015

A couple days ago I was surfing the internet searching for a beautiful wallpaper when this image came to me:

It had nothing to do with what I was looking for but I could’t stop staring at it anyway. It is powerful and delicate at the same time, with a sense of depth and presence that will turn it into the focus point of attention at any decoration or scenography.

Digging a little deeper I discovered it was the work of floral artist Ashley Woodson Bailey who, after a life changing accident, discovered her passion for photography and reoriented her career into immortalising such an ephemeral work as floral art.

Her photography is romantic and tremendously elegant. You can feel the flowers, the fragility of their petals and stems, and the dark backgrounds give a feeling of depth that turn these pictures into really impressive wallpapers.


I don’t know why but I just can’t help staring at them, this pictures hypnotize me. If I had this wallpaper at home, I know I just could sit in front of it and look at it for hours discovering every single detail from those beautiful flowers…

[Source: Ashley Woodson Bailey]

A hammock in the living27 sep 2015

I’ve been dying for an indoor hammock lately and now I see them everywhere on the internet. They just give the perfect relaxed and bohemian look to any space. I am really determined to hang one in our future home!

(**By clicking on each picture you will get to its source)

But if maybe and hammock needs quite too much space to be hung, I wouldn’t mind either to have a hanging chair instead, it would make the perfect reading nook.

I really want an indoor hammock at home, and you?



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