Simplicity and elegance in a studio-appartment16 ago 2015


LukeMalloryLeasure013 LukeMalloryLeasure023 LukeMalloryLeasure024 LukeMalloryLeasure030 LukeMalloryLeasure033

LukeMalloryLeasure029 LukeMalloryLeasure031LukeMalloryLeasure014 LukeMalloryLeasure003 LukeMalloryLeasure001

LukeMalloryLeasure021LukeMalloryLeasure009 LukeMalloryLeasure016 LukeMalloryLeasure040

 Mallory and Luke Leasure have created the perfect atmosphere to share living and work in this small appartment.

shopping list

#1. Eames Armchair. Charles & Ray Eames. Vitra. #2. Fliqlo screensaver. #3. Stending calendar. #4. Desk composition. Ikea. Hissmon + Alex #5. Sofa Chesterfield.

[Source: DesignSponge]


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