Small Christmas14 dic 2014

At this time of the year you should already have your Christmas tree at home. But maybe, if you live in a small apartment you don’t really now how to include your tree in it, just because it doesn’t fit anywhere.

Don’t worry, today I show you some solutions so you can enjoy a small Christmas at home. You know, in his cases ingenuity is what really matter!

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The first option we have is the most obvious one: look for a small tree. A flowerpot and a little fir tree should fit everywhere. But, be aware that trees grow up! So you better look for a place to replant it after holidays.

Small ChristmasSmall ChristmasSmall Christmas

In case you don’t have any field or forest near home… you better choose another option. If you don’t want to give up with the natural idea… what about using just a little branch on a vase? It will look great!

Small ChristmasSmall ChristmasSmall Christmas

But, if what you want is to have a really big Christmas tree at home so Santa can leave your presents under it, the better option is to make it flat. You will only need a window or an empty wall…from that point the possibilities are endless!.

Small ChristmasSmall ChristmasSmall ChristmasAnd the last option… you can always disguise your pet to get a walking Christmas tree! Can Maddie be any cuter?

Small ChristmasI hope this ideas help you to prepare your small apartments for the holidays and if you need any more inspiration you can always check our  Pinterest board.


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