What does Volgende halte mean?

Volgende halte” is Dutch, it means “next stop” and they’re the first words we learnt in this language (after so many train trips we finally learnt something!)

That is its literal translation but for us it means much more. Volgente halte is about our personal and professional development, about our story and the cities that have been important to it, about Valencia, Krakow, Oostend, Amsterdam, Haarlem and the ones still left to discover and enjoy.

We like to travel, to discover new places and to learn from each experience that living abroad offers us. We love long walks without a destination and getting into every little alley we find, our motto is “if it is open, you can enter”, and we have discovered so many interesting places that way!

We are young, we are always carrying our suitcases, our budget is tight and we know our small apartment is not the one. But, anyway, we love to have a beautiful home that reflects our personality and where we can comfortably live, even if it is rented and only 35sqm.

This is why we will share with you our DIY projects, and we will learn together how to make the most of our space and get a functional and beautiful house, without spending a lot of money. We will also talk about design, architecture, artists, decoration, our travels and  all the little adventures that inevitably happen when living abroad.

So, after many (really many!) trains and planes, comings and goings, adventures and disadventures… we continue our journey and we would like you to accompany us. We will continue investigating, opening doors and learning about everything around us and, little by little, we will be discovering with you which will be our volgende halte.


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